We'll build a bench that is just right for you...

We offer 3 distinctive bench surfaces to meet a broad range of requirements.

Choose your bench surface:

¾” Cabinet Grade Plywood: This super smooth 3/4" plywood is nice enough to use as a desk top but tough enough to deliver years of service as a workbench. Excellent results if finished with polyurethane. If left unfinished the super smooth plywood will accumulate marks (like any workbench).

Hardboard on ¾” Particle – We build these bench tops like expensive counter tops, laminating the 2 surfaces together creating a bonded slab that will take all kinds of abuse. The hardboard top is the most durable. The surface will resist stains and impact and is definitely the best choice if you want to just set it up and start working.

Tech Board on ¾” Particle- The Tech Top is great for many kinds of work spaces. The medium duty "marker-board smooth" surface sheds dust quickly and is easy to keep clean. The bright white surface enhances visibility and makes it easy to see small parts. We even keep dry erase markers around and mark directly on the top to label parts and keep track of projects. It is remarkably useful.

Need To Go Heavy Duty?

If you are planning on mounting a big vice or press on your bench you’ll want to go with a Heavy Duty bench top. We screw and glue an additional layer of ¾” OSB to any of our regular bench tops creating an inch and a half thick super heavy slab. Now you are ready to mount the big stuff.

Burley workbenches are built the way you would probably build it yourself… if you wanted to spend an entire weekend doing it. Save the hassle and the headaches with one of our easy to assemble bench kits.

• Kits include all hardware, an assembled bench top and a complete cut, drilled and semi assembled pedestal.

• Workbench tops are inset and screwed into a 2X4 trim. This makes a nice stiff bench top.

• The bench base uses premium 2x4s to create a solid freestanding cube. Our legs don't wobble.

• Kits are made from premium, unfinished lumber that may have mill stamps (Don’t want to see the stamp? Just flip the board over.) and minor natural variations.

• Locally made by a company who stands behind every product. We’ll make sure you are happy with your purchase.

Our delivery and assembly charges are very reasonable. Save the trip and make life easy. Ask us about delivery and assembly.